GIVE AND GET, 2015 / 2016  
together with Leonie Felle
Song text out of quotations and performance
Performed and premiered during the exhibition „Die Gabe“, DG-Galerie, Munich, 2015

Composed and recorded by Beate Engl and Leonie Felle
Mixed and mastered by Tobias Siegert, minga-records
Bass: Tobias Siegert
Video with the song „Give and Get“
Duration: 3:17 min.
DVD, B&W, 16:9
Edition: 50+2

Engl and Felle used quotations that share the same sentence structure („I give you ... and you get .../ Give me ... and you will ...“), and composed and produced a Pop song out of it.
The song was performed at the opening in the DG Galerie through the artists and the remnants of the performance were shown together with the song during the exhibition. The song is also available as a gift through the gallery website for free download.
The video "Give and get" is a musical as well as a visual dialogue of the two artists.

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Beate Engl
Beate Engl
Beate Engl
Beate Engl