audio and video installation based on reenacted text quotes from:
King Camp Gillette: The Human Drift (Boston, 1894) / World Corporation. The birth of social and industrial science (Boston, 1910) / The People‘s Corporation (New York, 1924)
wood, megaphone speakers, rear projection plexi
speaker: Jeff Kollinger
sound: Jan Faszbender
duration: 15 min

A research about King Camp Gillette‘s texts and technological utopianism in American culture (Howard P. Segal) found its first outcome in „Ideal City“. The installation consists out of a speaker‘s desk that holds a rear projection screen. Instead of microphones a propaganda speech can be heard out of two speakers on the desk. The speech is a collage of quotes from Gillette‘s books. A male voice explains and advertises his concept of the „human drift“, the utopian future city „Metropolis“ located in the vincinity of Niagara Falls and an utopian society which is framed by the „World Corporation“. The projected video shows the Niagara Falls today – the buildings, the masses of tourists, the ships etc. – and combines it with Gillette‘s drawings of Metropolis and his pamphlets advertising World Corporation.

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Beate Engl
Beate Engl