download portfolio with cv and a selection of projects of the last years (last update March 2014)
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Beate Engl / Leonie Felle feat. Agitator 2.0: Favoriten, 2016
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Beate Engl / Leonie Felle: Give and Get, 2015
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COLLABORATION_7, Documentation, 2015
>Download als pdf, 4,57 MB

COLLABORATION_6, Documentation, 2014
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Beate Engl / Leonie Felle mit COLLABORATION_6, 2013
>I feel like a readymade, 2013, video

Echoes, DiARTgonale Special Edition #2, 2013
with a contribution by Beate Engl and Justine Gaga, p. 7-20
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, Documentation, 2013
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Nevin Aladag / Beate Engl
Top View 29.53 ft., documentation folder, 2012
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Pop! Platz! Pfff..., 2012

The Domain of the Great Bear, project documentation, 2007
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